Quickway Imports - 60 Block Giant Hardwood Tower Stacking Game


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Size: per block: 8.75" w x 1.5" d x 1" h, stacked: 8.25" w 8.25" d  x 19.75" h. Solid pinewood composition to bear stackable weight. Includes 60 blocks and bag to create plenty of creative building ideas. Multiple play options for stacking or building. Age recommendation: 8+. This 60 pc wooden block game will fill up long weekend hours with laughter and fun while inventing creative structures and play ideas. These small wooden blocks can be used in so many fun ways either by creating creative building ideas or as the stacking game where blocks are piled up then trying to remove one at a time without causing the tower to tumble. The chandelier's the limit with this collection of wooden blocks and will keep your brain rolling with different building and stacking challenges.