Boathouse "Wild Aloof Rebel", Eau de Toilette



General fragrance interest: Powdery/Warm - Citrus/Floral - Amber/Musk - Sweet/Spicy. Something for everyone! Quirky, personal scent names offer a breezy way to engage with customers to increase sales. WILD ALOOF REBEL eau de toilette is a unique, alluring, woody, natural, oud-and-amber-ish scent for men and women (for you cult followers, this was formerly E/L) . Rich in gentleness and mystery, WILD ALOOF REBEL mixes the smoke in black agarwood with pine, labdanum, and a sweet bit of vanilla. Its benzoin friends mingle with a few sparkly tops. Mystery and warmth inform all of the notes. WAR is a nod to David's sweater in Schitt's Creek Season 5, HUGE fans!

1.7 oz fine-mist atomizer spray Lovely Acrylic Overcap Weighty, square glass bottle with 2" footprint Gold-embossed letterpress label on lovely paper Small batches!